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Benefits of All-Terrain LED Work Lights in Rugged Environments

March 5, 2018

Industrial lights are deployed in rugged and rocky terrain, such as emergency camps and mining sites. Due to the uneven nature of such locations, it is crucial for the luminaries to be capable of adapting to various working conditions. This article dives into the advantages of all-terrain LED work lights for industrial applications.

Portable and Powerful

An all-terrain LED lamp is a heavy-duty unit with portable features. To address rocky terrain, the fixture comes with adjustable legs. During deployment, the unit can be setup securely on an uneven slope and does not require a flat surface for stability.

In some cases, the legs of the LED lamp can even be setup over shallow water, such as a flooded construction site. A waterproof enclosure may protect the internal components of the lamp from splashing, moisture and water spray.

Additionally, a telescoping pole is used to hold the LED lamp in elevated positions. This is advantageous for directing lights over large objects, such as boulders and generators.

Next-Gen All-Terrain LEDs

Making all-terrain LED spotlights as dependable as possible is the end-goal of lighting manufacturers and designers. With this in mind, battery-powered variants are applicable to remote locations without access to grid power. Solar panels may also be added to keep the power cells charged at all times with minimal effort.

Compared to gas-powered generators, batteries operate very quietly and without pollution. This allows the luminaries to be positioned close busy parts of the work site. With an all-terrain LED light, operators no longer have to setup the lamp at perimeters. Industrial locations with tight spacing requirements are known to use this type of LED lamp.

A battery-powered all-terrain LED unit also has less parts to maintain, as it incorporates a solid-state build. Gas-powered generators have loose parts that are prone to deterioration and replacement.

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