Trunnion Mounts

Benefits of Trunnion Mounts for Industrial Lights and Equipment

February 12, 2018

Looking for new ways to improve illumination and light distribution at busy work sites? Try trunnion mounts.

Mounts for industrial lighting systems vary, depending on their features and mechanisms. A great comparison is surface mounting and trunnion mounting. The first mounting option offers increased stability, but with limited adjustable settings. A trunnion mount addresses such limitations by providing a flexible bracket for adjusting the base of the unit.

Trunnion Mount 101

By definition, a trunnion is a pivoting component that can be used for mounting and adjusting. Such mechanisms were first used on military cannons. These days, the term is also applicable to a shaft or component that is used to support a tilting or adjustable plate. This latter definition is widely applied in industrial lighting systems.

Trunnion mounts are secured close to the light’s center of mass. As a result, stability is increased and operators can adjust the light up and down. Outside of rugged work sites, trunnion mounts on lights can be found on commercial stages. For such applications, a strip light may incorporate a trunnion mount at both ends for mounting on the floor. Mobility can be enhanced by installing casters at the bottom of the mounts.

Trunnion Mounts and Maintenance 

Businesses that use elevated lighting systems on a regular basis may directly benefit from trunnion mounts. This type of mount leaves the back of the light’s housing exposed, which offers seamless access to the internal components of the unit. Because of this, operators can easily perform inspections and repairs on the luminary.

Trunnion mounts are also useful for operations that require gloved hands. Some trunnion-style mounting brackets leave an open gap between the brackets and the lamp, allowing individuals to position or setup the unit without removing one’s gloves. Lastly, this type of mount can be supplemented with magnets at the base for bolt-less mounting configurations on compatible surfaces.

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