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Best Safety Features for LED Mining Cap Lamps

May 7, 2018

In mining sites, individuals rely on some types of equipment more than others. For mine safety, illumination and general tasks around the combustible area, miners use led mining cap lamps. This type of traditional mining equipment includes a powerful light head at the center of the hard hat. Over time, updated designs have made mining hat lights safer and more usable.

Improving Detection and Visibility

Visibility is top priority in mining locations. In order to ensure clarity during operations, modern mining headlamps are equipped with optional colored modes, as some colors improve detection when smoke or fog is present in the surrounding environment. Amber is a common light color that is applicable to safe illumination in mining sites.

An emergency strobing feature is also an essential mode in LED mining hats. With the push of a button or switch, mining operators can turn their mining cap into an emergency beacon. Such features are critical during evacuations and signaling. Individuals no longer have to carry around a separate strobe light for emergencies.

Some LED mining fixtures on helmets come with a secondary light, located at the back of the cap. The lamp serves as a safety light, which is useful for detection in dark parts of the site. This light can be red or flashing for streamlined detection.

Maximum Convenience

For fast activation, LED mining caps may come with large, on/off push buttons. This allows operators to turn the unit on, even with gloved hands. Non-slip grips and textures may boost such properties on the light.

A spotlight/floodlight combination feature may also increase functionality in LED mining lamps. In application, an individual can illuminate far-flung targets using the spotlight beam, which is applicable when navigating in and around tunnels. Floodlight features are useful for wide-area illumination, especially during detailed tasks and monitoring.

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