LED Lights for MRO

LED Lights for MRO in Food Manufacturing Plants

Food manufacturing plants are subject to frequent MRO sessions due to the nature of the business. Handling consumable materials require strict standards and equipment, which often times operate in rugged conditions. During an MRO sessions inside a food processing facility, downtime must be kept minimal. LED lights For MRO play a critical role in making projects more efficient. Below takes a closer look at how LEDs support operators conducting MRO in large-scale food processing.

Quick Turnarounds

LED lighting for MRO in food manufacturing buildings should be easy to use, portable and powerful. Moreover, such facilities are prone to frequent wash-down sessions. Because of this, it is important for LED lights used for MRO to be waterproof. Watertight housings with NEMA ratings may protect the light from water sprays. Additionally, corrosion resistance is recommended in order to prevent failure when exposed to abrasive cleaning agents.

Perhaps one of the best types of LED lights for MRO is a cart-mounted or quadpod-mounted LED light. This type of luminary is portable, equipped with wheels for mobility around the plant. Long extension cords or battery-powered features provide freedom for MRO operators at the site. Handles and hooks on the cart may be used to hang equipment, cords and more during transportation or storage.

Another cart-mounted solution for MRO projects in food processing is a cart-mounted, portable power distribution station. This type of unit is designed to support temporary equipment at the work site.

Optimized Illumination and LEDs

The general characteristics of LED lamps allow the units to cater to MRO projects. Solid-state and compact features ensure operators can pass through tight spaces and reach around heavy machinery with ease.

Lastly, without loose filaments or breakable components associated with traditional lighting technologies, such as incandescent fixtures, LED Lights for MRO can withstand minor bumps and rough environments better than their predecessors.…

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Trunnion Mounts

Benefits of Trunnion Mounts for Industrial Lights and Equipment

Looking for new ways to improve illumination and light distribution at busy work sites? Try trunnion mounts.

Mounts for industrial lighting systems vary, depending on their features and mechanisms. A great comparison is surface mounting and trunnion mounting. The first mounting option offers increased stability, but with limited adjustable settings. A trunnion mount addresses such limitations by providing a flexible bracket for adjusting the base of the unit.

Trunnion Mount 101

By definition, a trunnion is a pivoting component that can be used for mounting and adjusting. Such mechanisms were first used on military cannons. These days, the term is also applicable to a shaft or component that is used to support a tilting or adjustable plate. This latter definition is widely applied in industrial lighting systems.

Trunnion mounts are secured close to the light’s center of mass. As a result, stability is increased and operators can adjust the light up and down. Outside of rugged work sites, trunnion mounts on lights can be found on commercial stages. For such applications, a strip light may incorporate a trunnion mount at both ends for mounting on the floor. Mobility can be enhanced by installing casters at the bottom of the mounts.

Trunnion Mounts and Maintenance 

Businesses that use elevated lighting systems on a regular basis may directly benefit from trunnion mounts. This type of mount leaves the back of the light’s housing exposed, which offers seamless access to the internal components of the unit. Because of this, operators can easily perform inspections and repairs on the luminary.

Trunnion mounts are also useful for operations that require gloved hands. Some trunnion-style mounting brackets leave an open gap between the brackets and the lamp, allowing individuals to position or setup the unit without removing one’s gloves. Lastly, this type of mount can be supplemented with magnets at the base for bolt-less mounting configurations on compatible surfaces.…

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Take A Trip South for Columbus Day

Now that everybody has packed up and taken off to get back to school or work it is time for you guys who’ve spent the summer looking after the home and seeing that the college students and high-schoolers are well occupied to get a little time to yourselves.  When autumn rolls around it’s just the time to take a long weekend and enjoy the sights and activities you can find when you visit Riviera Maya.  Let yourself enjoy the night life under the lights in their resort clubs and entertainment centers.


Now don’t panic at this suggestion.  Many folks tend to feel that it isn’t right to go off and relax while the kids are busy studying and working.  But in truth, that is often the best time to do so.  It shows you have faith in their ability to look after themselves and the household while you are away.  And it also shows that you trust them to do their duties and their schoolwork without you peeking over their shoulder.  Furthermore, while you may be off on your own private vacation, you are still just a text mail or smartphone call away.  So while you can relax and enjoy the daytime sights and nighttime sounds you can get when visiting Experiencias Xcaret.  There you can enjoy numerous clubs and shows; visit some of the historic sights and cultural marvels, enjoy one of the many theme parks or just relax and cool out in the climate and atmosphere you’ve always heard about.  Your youngsters may even want you to go scout for them, since they will undoubtedly have the place on their list as a potential place to go to during their next spring break.


But your real break will be the savings you can get by using a Groupon coupon to pay for your entry fees when you go there.  You can save a significant amount up to 20% discount when you use a Groupon promo code.   And you can get up to 15% off 20 or more activities and meals at Xel-Ha with a Groupon promo code.  You can make all the arrangements online when you visit their website.  So take your lady now and fly off to the lovely shores to relax and savor the atmosphere together.  Visit the land where Columbus landed in time for Columbus Day!…

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