LED Lights for MRO

LED Lights for MRO in Food Manufacturing Plants

June 8, 2018

Food manufacturing plants are subject to frequent MRO sessions due to the nature of the business. Handling consumable materials require strict standards and equipment, which often times operate in rugged conditions. During an MRO sessions inside a food processing facility, downtime must be kept minimal. LED lights For MRO play a critical role in making projects more efficient. Below takes a closer look at how LEDs support operators conducting MRO in large-scale food processing.

Quick Turnarounds

LED lighting for MRO in food manufacturing buildings should be easy to use, portable and powerful. Moreover, such facilities are prone to frequent wash-down sessions. Because of this, it is important for LED lights used for MRO to be waterproof. Watertight housings with NEMA ratings may protect the light from water sprays. Additionally, corrosion resistance is recommended in order to prevent failure when exposed to abrasive cleaning agents.

Perhaps one of the best types of LED lights for MRO is a cart-mounted or quadpod-mounted LED light. This type of luminary is portable, equipped with wheels for mobility around the plant. Long extension cords or battery-powered features provide freedom for MRO operators at the site. Handles and hooks on the cart may be used to hang equipment, cords and more during transportation or storage.

Another cart-mounted solution for MRO projects in food processing is a cart-mounted, portable power distribution station. This type of unit is designed to support temporary equipment at the work site.

Optimized Illumination and LEDs

The general characteristics of LED lamps allow the units to cater to MRO projects. Solid-state and compact features ensure operators can pass through tight spaces and reach around heavy machinery with ease.

Lastly, without loose filaments or breakable components associated with traditional lighting technologies, such as incandescent fixtures, LED Lights for MRO can withstand minor bumps and rough environments better than their predecessors.

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