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What is MSHA Guidelines for LED Mining Lights

April 6, 2018

Mining is a very dangerous, high-risk activity with the potential of large gains and profits. To minimize hazards associated with the industry, a special organization was created. Called the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), the agency ensures mining operations in the US are carried out safely at all times. The organization set the standards related to LED Mining Lights, among other things.

MSHA 101

MSHA helps establish various safety guidelines for industrial mining operations. The government has given the agency a lot of power, in order to implement their objectives. For instance, under MSHA, mining sites require two inspections on a yearly basis.

Moreover, under an Open Search Warrant scheme, which pertains to all mines based in the country, MSHA representatives can inspect any parts of the location. Failure to adhere to periodic inspections will result in a fine worth roughly $50,000, as well as the presence of Federal Marshalls.

Perhaps the biggest display of power that an MSHA representative has over US-based mines is the ability to shut down or close a mine, without a supporting court order. Criminal penalties against the mining business can also be applied (by MSHA), in the event of accidents, including non-fatal accidents.

Based on the information above, it is important for mining operators to adhere to MSHA guidelines – not out of fear, but in order to hold up a certain level of safety in the location.

MSHA and LED Mining Lights

For LED mining lights, one of the best ways to ensure compliance with MSHA regulations is to purchase MSHA-approved mining lights. Most MSHA-approved units are explosion proof, which refers to safety mechanisms that contain ignitions within the luminary, so that it cannot interact with flammable elements in the environment.

According to MSHA 77.207 Illumination, the types of lights recommended for illumination in US-based mines include the following: fixed lighting systems, portable lamps and machine-mounted units.

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