Take A Trip South for Columbus Day

August 31, 2017

Now that everybody has packed up and taken off to get back to school or work it is time for you guys who’ve spent the summer looking after the home and seeing that the college students and high-schoolers are well occupied to get a little time to yourselves.  When autumn rolls around it’s just the time to take a long weekend and enjoy the sights and activities you can find when you visit Riviera Maya.  Let yourself enjoy the night life under the lights in their resort clubs and entertainment centers.


Now don’t panic at this suggestion.  Many folks tend to feel that it isn’t right to go off and relax while the kids are busy studying and working.  But in truth, that is often the best time to do so.  It shows you have faith in their ability to look after themselves and the household while you are away.  And it also shows that you trust them to do their duties and their schoolwork without you peeking over their shoulder.  Furthermore, while you may be off on your own private vacation, you are still just a text mail or smartphone call away.  So while you can relax and enjoy the daytime sights and nighttime sounds you can get when visiting Experiencias Xcaret.  There you can enjoy numerous clubs and shows; visit some of the historic sights and cultural marvels, enjoy one of the many theme parks or just relax and cool out in the climate and atmosphere you’ve always heard about.  Your youngsters may even want you to go scout for them, since they will undoubtedly have the place on their list as a potential place to go to during their next spring break.


But your real break will be the savings you can get by using a Groupon coupon to pay for your entry fees when you go there.  You can save a significant amount up to 20% discount when you use a Groupon promo code.   And you can get up to 15% off 20 or more activities and meals at Xel-Ha with a Groupon promo code.  You can make all the arrangements online when you visit their website.  So take your lady now and fly off to the lovely shores to relax and savor the atmosphere together.  Visit the land where Columbus landed in time for Columbus Day!

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